Working with the disciplines of life drawing, portraiture, abstraction, landscapes, and collage Alison operates from a studio, previously a boat shed, from the family home in Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The most recent paintings are on heavy duty Hahnemueller 300 gsm fine art paper, or stretched canvas with acrylic paint, charcoal, and inks with varying degrees of collage elements.

Some can be reproduced as giclee prints onto canvas, then stretched onto a wooden frame.

In her painting practice she merges her observations of people going about their daily lives, walking, running, cycling, walking the dogs, having coffee, wine with friends.

Figurative, somewhat abstract, whimsical, multi-layered, and textural, would best describe the latest works.

‘Essentially, a giclee prints is the reproduction of an original artwork created by conventional means, such as painting, drawing, etc using a highly specialised inkjet printer.

How Are Giclees Created?

Giclees have a higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic colour range is greater than that of a serigraph. Giclees are created by a method of printing in which the image is digitally enhanced on a computer to match the original fine art. A high resolution inkjet printer, which sprays millions of microscopic droplets of ink onto various substrates to create an image with smooth tonal gradation. These unique jets are able to vary the width of the ink stream to as small as 1/100th the width of a human hair. In the art world this is generally regarded as the highest quality reproduction available.